Finishing schools broaden business etiquettes with an objective to transform the students to face future challenges effectively. A combined learning methodology is included together with lecture sessions, audio-visual presentations, case studies, and group discussions along with coaching college students. These classes are completely delivered by professionally experienced trainers and faculties from top class reputed business organizations and other financial institutions. The sessions primarily encompass company-based obligations to enhance students learning capability and also helps in interaction with senior industry experts.

Commerce & Management



            ADVANCED EXCEL






EECP – Employability Enhancement Certificate Programme

EECP is a unique programme designed for those who are in graduate and postgraduate programme, irrespective of the course they have opted. This unique 30-hour direct interaction programme follows the kaizen philosophy where the emphasis is on continuous improvement. There is no short cut in developing the skills required for your dream employment. You must master the art and perform. This programme will help the students to win the mind of hiring mange in the corporate.

Training is imparted in these areas

Soft Skill & Behavioural skills – Which include goal Setting, team building, body language, leadership, problem solving, impression management, corporate etiquettes etc.,

Communication Enhancement: Speech kraft, writing, reading, listening, and reflecting skills

Interview Essentials: Group Discussion, Resume building, Interview preparation, and Mock interviews.

Out bound training program

There is no better way to learn management than experiencing it. In this programme students will undergo extensive physical and mental training out of the campus, they will stay overnight in a safe environment in the tents, here they will learn the management principles by doing. This is being done during the bridge programme in the initial days of the session and can create a remarkably interesting learning dynamics in the classroom

Industry Institute Interactions

International Cultural exchange program

Students will be undergoing five days rigorous international programme at Asia’s leading education conglomerate in Malaysia/Singapore. During the visit, students will undergo a training on international business environment and business landscape at Malaysia/Singapore.

Dine with Business Champions

The students will get an opportunity to have a networking dinner with a selected corporate leader. The students can learn directly from these corporate heroes in a casual corporate environment. This will help the participants to have a corporate experience and a personal connect with industry leaders. Students who prefer to join that industry vertical can request for a corporate mentoring support.